2017 Eisner Award Nominations

This year's Eisner Award nominations were posted today and, much to my surprise, the Comics Panel team at the A.V. Club was nominated in the category of Best Comics-Related Periodical/Journalism.  A huge kudos must go to our fearless leader Oliver Sava, as well as my colleagues Tegan O'Neil and Shea Hennum, not to mention our amazing editor Caity Penzey-Moog, who has been our champion all along.

We're up against some seriously stiff competition, especially Zainab Akhtar's Critical Chips zine, and Women Write About Comics which is edited by Megan Purdy and Claire Napier.  All of the amazing voices and minds featured in those works are incredibly smart and they love comics just as much as I do.  I'm honored to be included in the same field.

On an even happier note, several of my favorite comics were nominated this year, including Princess Jellyfish (READ IT NOW) and Deja Brew.  Tankea Stotts and Sara Duvall created Deja Brew, which has been posting on the Stela comic app, and it's so sweet and beautiful.  The worldbuilding is just stellar, and I can say without hesitation Taneka is one of my favorite folks in comics right now.

Even better, the Eisners actually implemented a suggestion that I wrote about in my very first piece for Paste Magazine last year.  I doubt that my words were the thing that prompted the change, but I'm happy to see that webcomics and digital comics have their own categories this year, given the issues with combining them.

So yeah.  Pretty great Tuesday.