What is Caitlin reading? Sept 29 2017

From Abby Howard's  Last Halloween

From Abby Howard's Last Halloween

  • Though it wasn't this week, I also read the first volume of The Last Halloween and Dinosaur Empire! Earth Before Us, both by Abby Howard.  Howard is a really talented artist and she managed to write what to me was the perfect spooky Halloween story, with humor and heart and real risk.  It's actually the printed volume of her webcomic with the same name, which you can check out hereDinosaur Empire! reminded me of the best parts of The Magic School Bus and Connections with James Burke.  (Random aside: my favorite computer game of all time was based on this show, and I wish someone would make it work on my phone because I'd play it constantly.) For an entire weekend I was 7 years old again and super stoked about dinosaurs.  I'll be buying several copies of this to give to kiddos in my life as Christmas presents.
  • Pockets, a bonus comic from Melanie Gillman (creator of the webcomic As the Crow Flies).  I have really complicated feelings about camp, because I didn't always have great camp experiences and I think a lot of that was rooted in the fact that I was a very anxious kid that had a very tough time socializing.  I wanted to read and be with horses, and camp involved a lot of things that weren't hose.  So Melanie Gillman's As the Crow Flies is the first thing about camp that I can read without being really knotted up in my own feelings, and I had the immense pleasure of meeting them (and moderating a panel where they shared their awesomeness) this past May at WisCon.  Pockets is a short bonus comic they made that's in the same vein as As the Crow Flies and it made me have a good cathartic cry this morning.  It's very sweet and very real and very full of love, which is all the words I would use to describe Gillman's work in general.
  • Jane by Crazy Ex-Girlfriend writer/produce Aline Brosh McKenna and Ramon Perez.  It's a terrible book written by someone who I sincerely doubt ever actually read the book it's supposedly based on (Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre, which is one of my favorites.  You can read my review for the A.V. Club here and listen to me and the amazing Lauren Burke discuss it on her Bronte/Austin podcast, Bonnets at Dawn.
  • Angelic #1 by Simon Spurrier and Caspar Wijngaard.  It's a super fun looking book with a good visual sense of humor and some fun details, but it's got notes from Animal Farm and A Handmaid's Tale in it.  You can read a full review at the A.V. Club here.
Gaze upon my shame.

Gaze upon my shame.

Here's where I make a confession that I alluded to previously: I am super behind on print comics.  SUPER behind.  Like...there's stuff from the beginning of Rebirth last summer I haven't gotten to yet behind.  So I'm calling myself out.  This picture?  That's three short boxes of "to read" comics.  To steal a phrase from Ladies' Night at Graham Crackers, It's time for me to attack the stack, so I'm going to show my progress here.  Recently I've caught up (or partially caught up) on a couple of different titles:

  • Batgirl
  • Batgirl and the Birds of Prey
  • Batman
  • All Star Batman
  • Batman and the Shadow
  • Batwoman
  • Bitch Planet
  • Black Cloud
  • Black Panther

When left to my own devices, I tend to tackle things alphabetically.  It keep sme from skipping to only the stuff I'm really excited about, which makes it harder to gauge what I should be dropping off my pull list.  To be honest, I have really freaking enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, all of the titles I just listed.  I'd probably put Batman and the Shadow and Batgirl up at the top; the former because I grew up on radio dramas like The Shadow and absolutely adore Riley Rossmo's art, the latter because Hope Larson is telling a great story that feels appropriate for Babs, her age, and her role in the DC universe.  Batgirl and the Birds of Prey is a bit uneven, but I love seeing Batgirl, Black Canary, and the Huntress working together.

So there's the truth.  I don't read nearly as many comics as I get, and I really should do something about that.  But there's just so much great TV happening.  And knitting.  And friends.  And other books.  So I'll just be perpetually behind, and constanly trying to catch up.