Where is Caitlin @ C2E2?

C2E2 is my home con, and I honestly really love going.  (The fact that I get to sleep in my own bed at the end of a long day is definitely a big part of that equation.)  This year I thought I was going to cut way back on the number of panels I do, but then I totally had signed up for stuff I forgot about...oops.  So if you'll be at C2E2 and want to see my face, you can!


Most of the weekend I'll just be wandering around.  If you've never seen me in person, you can look for this face to the left right there (avatar by Genu√© Revuelta).  Not only is it a super accurate portrayal of my "I told a Dad joke" face, I'll have a big button with that picture on it somewhere on my person.

The show technically starts on Friday, but the Thursday before I'll be moderating a panel discussion about Catwoman!  Tim Hanley has written several books about some of my favorite DC characters (you can read my review of his book on Lois Lane here) and he's all around an awesome comics nerd, so when he asked if I'd participate I jumped at the chance.  We'll talk Catwoman in comics, tv, film, and of course the upcoming wedding.

Joining me and Tim will be Lauren Burke (a fellow Ladies' Night editor), Katie Schenkel, and Angelica Jade Bastien.  Come join us!

  • The Many Lives of Catwoman Panel Discussion
  • At: The Book Cellar ( 4736-9 N Lincoln Ave)
  • When: Thursday April 5, 7 pm

I'll also be in a bunch of panels with my Chicago Nerd Social Club family!

On Friday we'll be doing "It's OK to Not Like Things", one of my absolute favorite panels to do.  CNSC often starts our events with Nerd Confessions, a judgement-free zone where people can share secrets like that they've never read the Lord of the Rings and be absolved by their fellow nerds.  "It's OK to Not Like Things" is the same sort of thing, a space to talk about the things you're supposed to like...but don't, without fear of judgement.

  • CNSC Presents: It's OK to Not Like Things
  • Where: Cards Against Humanity Comedy Stage (S402)
  • When: Friday April 6, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Then on Sunday, CNSC will be doing TWO panels in the CAH Comedy Stage: a family edition of "It's OK to Not Like Things" and also a roundtable discussion about Geek Parenting (which I'll be moderating, as a neutral non-child-haver).

  • CNSC Presents: It's OK to Not Like Things Family Edition
  • Where: Cards Against Humanity Comedy Stage (S402)
  • When: Sunday April 8, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm


  • CNSC Presents: Geek Parenting
  • Where: Cards Against Humanity Comedy Stage (S402)
  • When: Sunday April 8, 12:45 pm - 1:45 pm