How to never miss a webcomic update again (not guaranteed)


My most excellent colleague J. A. Micheline tweeted what I thought to be a pretty straightforward question today, which led me to believe that I organize my online comics reading a little bit differently than most folks.  After sharing some screenshots on Twitter, I've decided that I'm gonna make a couple posts about how I keep my books in order, avoid buying duplicates, and do my best to not miss updates online.

I do use RSS feeds, Tumblr and Tapastic for a couple of webcomics: RSS feeds for those that update very intermittently and Tumblr or Tapastic for comics that live on those platforms comfortably.  Check, Please! is a great example of a Tumblr webcomic, and thankfully it's popular enough that I'm not likely to miss an update, but I do still have it my bookmarks folder.

For the past seven or eight years (maybe longer?), I've used a bookmarks folder to make sure I don't miss updates from my favorite webcomics.  I use Chrome despite the issues with it, so keep in mind your buttons might be in different spots, but the general principle is universal.

I've got nine webcomic bookmark folders, one for each day of the week, one for comics I want to start reading but haven't yet, and one for comics that have ended or are on long term pause.  I create new bookmarks for each URL and put them in the folder that corresponds to what day they update.  For example, Dumbing of Age updates every weekday, so it's in all five of those folders.  There's a bunch of comics that don't update on a set schedule, I chose to put them all in the Monday folder so that I check once a week to see if it's been updated.

<--- Here's what that looks like in the Bookmarks Manager.  Feel free to judge me based on what I read.

I won't lie: this will probably take you a while.  Remember that you can copy and paste bookmarks into those folders, so you shouldn't have to create a new bookmark for every folder it belongs in.  But once you have your system set up, adjusting things when a posting schedule changes or adding new comics is really easy!  Organize them however you want.  I happen to alphabetize them, because that's the way I roll.  I worship spreadsheets.  (If you're using Chrome, click on that little "Organize" button and the Bookmarks Manager can automatically alphabetize them for you.)

So first thing every day when I sit at my computer, I open the comics folder, right click on the day of the week, and click "Open all bookmarks."  And voila!  Every comic that updates that day is open, ready for me to read at my leisure.  I'm one of those bonkers people that always has a bunch of tabs open, so if you're like me you might prefer "Open all bookmarks in new window".

So, now you know how I manage to not miss any webcomic updates.  I'm moving next week, so as I get the storage set up in my new place I'll probably have some posts about how I organize my physical books and make sure I don't end up with four copies of the same book, because that used to happen way more than I'm comfortable admitting.

Bonus glimpse into just how far I take this organization thing: You may have noticed up there that I have a "GIFs" folder.  I have 500+ GIFs bookmarked in that folder.  They are all labelled with the same naming convention and alphabetized.  I'm that person.  There's like 25 Don Cheadle GIFs in there.