Panels & Presentations


March 22-24 2019: (C2E2 2019)

  • The Super Heroes of DC with Cecil Castelluci, Caitlin Rosberg (moderator), Tim Seeley, Robert Venditti, and Marv Wolfman. Official DC Comics Panel

  • DC Celebrates Batman’s 80th Anniversary with Jason Fabok, Tom Richmond, Marc Silvestri, Peter J. Tomasi, Caitlin Rosberg (moderator), and Chrissie Zullo. Official DC Comics Panel. (Writeup from The Beat here.)

  • Be a Comic Convert: How Fans, Librarians, and Creators get Newbies Hooked with Megan Byrd, Izabel Gronski (moderator) , Caitlin Rosberg, Martha Sullivan, and Suzanne Walker. Comics can be intimidating for a new reader, but you can be their guide! We’ll demonstrate Comic Book Matchmaking and share tools and tips to help you use your existing comics knowledge to recruit friends and strangers into the cult of comics.

March 21 2019: (Podcast) All Comics Considered Bonus Episode: C2E2 2019.  Hosted by Martin Gleason.

Sept 29 2018: (Podcast) All Comics Considered Episode 130: Comicsgate and a Throughline of Fuckery.  Hosted by Martin Gleason.

July 25 2018: (Podcast) No Budget Dreams Episode 1: The soft core porn version of Legion

Caitlin Rosberg chats about Jim Gordon best dad, a graphic novel adaptation of Garth Nix’s Abhorsen Series, The life and times of James Rhodes and Mastermind seducing Nightcrawler.

April 6-8 2018: (C2E2 2018)

  • CNSC Presents: It's OK to Not Like Things with Matt Peters, Caitlin Rosberg, and Michi Trota (moderator). CNSC often starts events with "Nerd Confessions," a judgement-free zone where people can share secrets like that they've never read the Lord of the Rings and be absolved by their fellow nerds. "It's OK to Not Like Things" is the same sort of thing, a space to talk about the things you're supposed to like...but don't, without fear of judgement.

  • CNSC Presents: It's OK to Not Like Things Family Edition with Karlyn Meyer (moderator), Matt Peters, and Caitlin Rosberg.

  • CNSC Presents: Geek Parenting with Paul Callan, Karlyn Meyer, David Peters, Caitlin Rosberg (moderator), and Summer Sparacin.

April 5 2018: (Panel) The Many Lives of Catwoman at the Book Cellar.  With Angelica Jade Bastien, Lauren Burke, Tim Hanley, Caitlin Rosberg (moderator) and Katie Schenkel.

November 29 2017: (Panel) I Make a Living presented by Freshbooks.  Hosted by Saul Colt, with Amanda Elliot, Billy Yost, Cailin Rosberg, Leah Jones, and John Siuntres.

November 11 2017: (Podcast) All Comics Considered Episode: Caitlin and White Knight.  Hosted by Martin Gleason.

August 28 2017: (Podcast) Boy Problems Episode 4: Batman.  Hosted by Meg Downey.

May 26-29 2017: (WisCon 41)

April 22-23 2017: (C2E2)

Marcy 22 & 29 2017: (Podcast) All Comics Considered #78 & #79 Women's History Month. Hosted by Hannah Craig with Megan Spurr

November 23 2016: (Podcast) All Comics Considered Special Interview Edition.  Hosted by Tim Bruhn, Nick Fury, and Martin Gleason, Nick Fury.

September 17 2016: (Teaching with Comics Symposium

  • The Representation Bookshelf: Diversity Through Comics with Ronell Whitaker (moderator), Katie Schenkel, Adam Alvarado, Izabel Gronski

  • Teaching Classics and Book Pairings With Comics with Ronell Whitaker (moderator), Russ Guldin, Katie Schenkel, Adam Ebert, Caitlin Rosberg

June 22 2016: (Podcast) Cast A Day 2016 #22 The Intelligent Iron Fan.  Hosted by Matt Peters.

April 13 2016: (The Geek Show by VS the Universe) Marvel Edition with Molly Jane Kramer

March 18 2016: (C2E2Comic Fandom Year One: What you Wish You Knew Then with Megan Byrd, Lauren Burke, Keidra Chaney, and Summer Sparacin

March 16 2016: (Pre-C2E2 at Women & Children FirstThe Legacy of Lois Lane - Women in a World of Superheroes, 1938-Present, with Lauren Burke, Tim Hanley, Anne Elizabeth Moore, and Katie Schenkel

December 10 2015: (The Geek Show by VS the UniverseStar Wars Edition

August 21 2015: (Wizard World Chicago)

  • Marvel v DC: The Dawn of Nerdom with Aaron Amendola, Stella Cheeks, Terry Grant, Molly Jade. Moderated by Tony Kim aka @Crazy4ComicCon. Recording here.

  • Geek Wars with Aaron Amendola, Michi Trota, Liz & Lindi of Team TSD, Jen Usellis. Moderated by Tony Kim aka @Crazy4ComicCon. Recording here.

August 9 2015: (Chicago Nerd Social ClubSherlock 101 with Daina Almario-Kopp, Lauren Burke, and Gordon Dymowski.

June 4 2015: (Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America Nebula AwardsGraphic Novels Overview with Dan Berger and Valya Dudycz Lupescu.

April 25 2015: (C2E2From the Top Down: Creating Spaces for Diverse Voices with Aaron Amendola, Kate Lanksy, Matthew Peters, Gail Simone, Michael Damian Thomas.

March 24 2015: (Huffington PostIs Sexism Still a Problem in Comic Books with Spike Trotman, Tim Hanley, and Kate Leth. Watchable video here.

February 13-15 2015: (Capricon 35)

  • Fanwork: Subverting & Reinforcing the Canon with Tanya DePass, Anne Elliot, and Samantha Haney Press.

  • Pink Sock Puppets: Marketing Towards Women with Sondra de Jong, Patrick Hester, Ariela Housman, Renee Ismail, Caitlin Rosberg.

  • Comics without Capes with Brian Babendererde, Dan Berger, John Bivens, and Valya Lupescu.

  • Best Coimics of 2014 with John Bivens and Mallory Harrelson. (moderator)

  • Fandom for All: Creating inclusive Communities with Mari Brighe, Jennifer Cross, Peter Heltzer, Mark Oshiro, and Michi Trota.

October 30 2014: Guest on What’s Good Radio podcast, #GamerGate Debate, Part 2: So Are These Kids All Crazy, or What?

October 2014: Interviewed for NPR’s Morning EditionWhere’s Thor When You Need Her? Women in Comics Fight An Uphill Battle.

April 26 2014: (C2E2Creating Community: Hosting Ladies’ Night at Your Local Comic Shop with Lauren Burke, Megan Byrd, and Anissa Espinosa.