Panels & Presentations


November 29 2017: (Panel) I Make a Living presented by Freshbooks.  Hosted by Saul Colt, with Amanda Elliot, Billy Yost, Cailin Rosberg, Leah Jones, and John Siuntres.

August 28 2017: (Podcast) Boy Problems Episode 4: Batman.  Hosted by Meg Downey.

May 26-29 2017: (WisCon 41)

April 22-23 2017: (C2E2)

Marcy 22 & 29 2017: (Podcast) All Comics Considered #78 & #79 Women's History Month. Hosted by Hannah Craig with Megan Spurr

November 23 2016: (Podcast) All Comics Considered Special Interview Edition.  Hosted by Margy Gleason, Nick Fury, and Tim Bruhn.

September 17 2016: (Teaching with Comics Symposium

  • The Representation Bookshelf: Diversity Through Comics with Ronell Whitaker (moderator), Katie Schenkel, Adam Alvarado, Izabel Gronski
  • Teaching Classics and Book Pairings With Comics with Ronell Whitaker (moderator), Russ Guldin, Katie Schenkel, Adam Ebert, Caitlin Rosberg

June 22 2016: (Podcast) Cast A Day 2016 #22 The Intellegent Iron Fan.  Hosted by Matt Peters.

April 13 2016: (The Geek Show by VS the Universe) Marvel Edition with Molly Jane Kramer

March 18 2016: (C2E2Comic Fandom Year One: What you Wish You Knew Then with Megan Byrd, Lauren Burke, Keidra Chaney, and Summer Sparacin

March 16 2016: (Pre-C2E2 at Women & Children FirstThe Legacy of Lois Lane - Women in a World of Superheroes, 1938-Present, with Lauren Burke, Tim Hanley, Anne Elizabeth Moore, and Katie Schenkel

December 10 2015: (The Geek Show by VS the UniverseStar Wars Edition

August 21 2015: (Wizard World Chicago)

  • Marvel v DC: The Dawn of Nerdom with Aaron Amendola, Stella Cheeks, Terry Grant, Molly Jade.  Moderated by Tony Kim aka @Crazy4ComicCon.  Recording here.
  • Geek Wars with Aaron Amendola, Michi Trota, Liz & Lindi of Team TSD, Jen Usellis. Moderated by Tony Kim aka @Crazy4ComicCon.  Recording here.

August 9 2015: (Chicago Nerd Social ClubSherlock 101 with Daina Almario-Kopp, Lauren Burke, and Gordon Dymowski.

June 4 2015: (Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America Nebula AwardsGraphic Novels Overview with Dan Berger and Valya Dudycz Lupescu.

April 25 2015: (C2E2From the Top Down: Creating Spaces for Diverse Voices with Aaron Amendola, Kate Lanksy, Matthew Peters, Gail Simone, Michael Damian Thomas.

March 24 2015: (Huffington PostIs Sexism Still a Problem in Comic Books with Spike Trotman, Tim Hanley, and Kate Leth. Watchable video here.

February 13-15 2015: (Capricon 35)

  • Fanwork: Subverting & Reinforcing the Canon with Tanya DePass, Anne Elliot, and Samantha Haney Press.
  • Pink Sock Puppets: Marketing Towards Women with Sondra de Jong, Patrick Hester, Ariela Housman, Renee Ismail, Caitlin Rosberg.
  • Comics without Capes with Brian Babendererde, Dan Berger, John Bivens, and Valya Lupescu.
  • Best Coimics of 2014 with John Bivens and Mallory Harrelson. (moderator)
  • Fandom for All: Creating inclusive Communities with Mari Brighe, Jennifer Cross, Peter Heltzer, Mark Oshiro, and Michi Trota.

October 30 2014: Guest on What’s Good Radio podcast, #GamerGate Debate, Part 2: So Are These Kids All Crazy, or What?

October 2014: Interviewed for NPR’s Morning EditionWhere’s Thor When You Need Her? Women in Comics Fight An Uphill Battle.

April 26 2014: (C2E2Creating Community: Hosting Ladies’ Night at Your Local Comic Shop with Lauren Burke, Megan Byrd, and Anissa Espinosa.